Friendship's Day Twinning With Your Work-Wife


Both of you deal with Monday blues differently. While you like elegant kurtas, she always goes for quirky dresses. We go through the spectrum, with versatile looks ranging from muted kurtas for those who lean towards classics to quirky prints for your resident maximalists.


This one is for the duo that is always making weekend plans. Every day is let-order-lunch in their books, so a relaxing meal to mark Friendship’s day is not far-fetched at all. Make good on those weekends and pick your next brunch looks together. We have the choicest selection of pastel hued kurtas to accompany that perfect brunch gram.


We all know of one office-duo that hates being stuck indoors when it is raining. Whether it is a yearning for pakora and chai or a long scenic drive, you can hear them from four cubicles away. Our range of breathable kurtas is great to accompany those sullen days, go for zesty colour or moody blacks. There is something for everyone.


Not the ones for subscribing to stereotypes. She is the dedicated non-fiction reader to her serial fiction lover. But the former loves colours while the latter prefers monochrome prints. Explore our range of eccentric prints and geometric stripes to create reversely matched looks that are equally stylish as they are comfortable.


Like two peas in a pod. Is your office even complete without that duo that goes everywhere together? You have never seen one without the other, whether it is during lunch break or out of office trips. For those coordinated looks are a must. Matching kurta sets in contrasting hues are perfect to make a ringing statement